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A module to display buttons in a nice and easy way. With ability to display content before and after the buttons.

You can use it to just display some buttons but it's also very useful as a contact information module since you can add html before and after the buttons. 

We've added the following features
  • BS5 button classes
  • BS5 Block column layout option
  • Icon Only buttons
  • Open link in same or new window.
  • Custom class option for non BS5 websites
  • Icon class option
  • Extra content before and after the button (editor fields). 
Upcoming features
  • Nothing planned for now. Let us know your idea's!

Missing a feature?

Open a feature request on github.

Block column layout

These buttons are using the block column layout option. More info about block layout column (former btn-block) on the bootstrap website.

Various examples

You can add any class you like to your buttons. For instance if your template used UIKIT instead of bootstrap. Or you want to do some custom styling.

You also have the option to use icon-only buttons by leaving the button text field empty.