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Pretty Masthead

Module to show an image header with text and description

This extension displays an image with title and description. Just like the example above.

We've added the following features
  • Default masthead option
  • Per menu-item masthead
  • Title heading tag selection
  • Title Class
  • Description Class
  • Text alignment option (left, center, right)
  • Category blog single article view overriding the blog masthead with article title, description and intro image.
  • Set max characters on description (implemented in V0.3.3)
  • Select what content is used for description of single article view (implemented in V0.4.0)
  • Option to set min & max-height (implemented in V0.4.0)
  • Option to set visibility for title & description on smaller screens (xs, sm, md) (implemented in V0.5.0)
Upcoming features
  • Extend category blog override to other area's of Joomla. 
  • Option to replicate image left and right to fill screen on very wide monitors.
  • Option to do a color overlay on the image

Missing a feature?

Open a feature request on github.

Masthead Demo Left

Masthead H2 tag text left

4 items in visible

Masthead Demo Center

Masthead center aligned

Masthead with center aligned text.

Masthead Demo Right

Masthead right aligned

Masthead with right aligned text.